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10 volume set of the Complete Works of John Locke; London, Tegg et al., 1823. Library binding with usual markings.  Hard to find.  $950.00


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Nouveau Dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle, appliquee aux arts, principalement l'agriculture et l'economie rurale et domestique. Par une societe de naturalistes et d'agriculteurs: avec des figures tirees des trois regnes de la nature; Paris, 1803; 24 volumes. complete.  Bookplate of The Duchesse de Courland, also known as the Duchess de Dino.  The Duchess de Dino was the wife of Talleyrand's nephew and she was also Talleyrand's Mistress.  $1,750.00.  SOLD


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History of the United States of America; by Taliaferro Preston Shaffner, LL.D., London Printing and Publishing Company, 1863, 2 volumes, all prints and maps present.  $250.00


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Age of Lewis the XIV; by Voltaire; London, Dodsley; 1752; 2 volumes; full leather; recently rebacked; ex-library with library numbers on spine.  Frontispiece in each volume.  $250.00


The Life of Nelson; by Archibald Duncan, Esq.; London, Cundee, 1806. Three-quarter leather with marbled boards.  2 prints missing and three prints are half missing.   Very scarce, only one other copy online, also with prints missing.  $350.00.

Edward Gibbon; Miscellaneous Works.  London, Strahan et al., 1796.  two volumes, library cloth with library markings.  frontispiece volume 1.  1st edition ( a third volume was published in 1815).  $295.00.

Charles Johnson; Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Guinea.  London, Becket, 1766-1767.  4 volumes.  Leather; rebacked. Volumes 1 and 2 are the 5th edition and volumes 3 and 4 are the 2nd edition.  $265.00

Bernard Mandeville; Free Thoughts on Religion the Church and National Happiness.  London, Tauncey, 1720.  1st edition. One volume; paneled calf; rebacked.  $785.00

Thomas Stackhouse; A New History of the Holy Bible.  London, Austen, 1742-1744.  2nd edition. Two volumes.  Leather, 6 raised bands,; 34 maps and plates.  $735.00.SOLD  

Richard Hooker; The Works in Eight Books of Ecclesiastical Polity with Several Other Treatises and an Account of his life and Death.  Dublin, Sadleir, 1721.  One volume; 1st Irish Edition.  Contemporary calf, raised bands.  $325.00.  SOLD

Robert Beatson; Naval and Military Memoirs of Great Britain from 1727 to 1783.  London, Longman, Hurst, et al., 1804, 2nd edition, 6 volumes.  Contemporary tree calf with gilt spine and black lettering pieces.  Previous owner's name in each volume is "John N. Macomb".  Macomb (1811-1889) was an 1832 graduate of West Point and was one of the original members of the Corps of Topographical Engineers that explored parts of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, including the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.  He was also part of the group that surveyed the Great Lakes region circa 1850.  Very scarce.  We are not aware of any complete sets for sale. Details of book condition and pictures available upon request. $875.

Kenneth Roberts; The Battle of Cowpens. Illustrated with two black and white portraits and map, with map endpapers.  How 900 ill-fed and ill-clothed sharpshooters routed the British regulars in a turning point in the American Revolution.  Doubleday, 1958, First edition.  $65.  SOLD

Henry Maundrell; from Aleppo to Jerusalem; Oxford; 1714; 3rd edition.  Contemporary paneled calf with raised bands; 7 foldout and 5 single page illustrations.  $400.00

Jeremy Taylor;  The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living; The Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying.  London, Brown, et al.  Two volumes in one; 1727; 24th edition.  Black leather with gilt board and spines, raised bands; all edges gilt; marbled endpapers; engraved frontispiece, plus two page engraving in each book.  Signed by the Princess Augusta Sophia, daughter of King George III.  The section on Chastity in the first book has been carefully removed and the pages at the beginning and end of that chapter covered with plain paper.  $185.00  SOLD

George Birkbeck Hill; In the Footsteps of Dr. Johnson; London, Sampson Low et al.; Chiswick Press, 1890.    25 plates;  22 by Lancelot Speed; 18 of the 22 are in duplicate with one being a copy and one being an original signed by Speed.  Limited Edition, 88 of 150.  Half Morocco with gilt spine.  $450  SOLD

History of the Jews in Russia and Poland - From the Earliest Times to the Present Day; S. M. Dubnow.  green cloth, 3 volumes; The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1916, 1918, 1920 (all 1st editions).    $150.00

Kames, Henry Home, Lord; Sketches of the History of Man, Considerably Enlarged by the Last Corrections of the Author.  Contemporary calf, gilt spines, brown lettering pieces (missing on volume 3, torn on volume 4), half title in volume 1, one page of advertisements in volumes 1 and 2; Strahan and Cadell, 1778, 2nd edition; 4 volumes.  $600

roberts.america.jpg (776157 bytes) The History of America; William Robertson.  Large quarto; Half leather; 2 fold out maps. London;  Strahan, Cadell, Balfour, 1778.  2 volumes.  $500

sterne.1.jpg (456399 bytes)Sterne.2.jpg (350457 bytes)The Works of Laurence Sterne; J. Johnson, et al.; 1808.  1st illustrated edition.  Contemporary warn calf, gilt spine, new lettering pieces.  9 full page engravings, and vignettes on each title page.  4 volumes.  $500

sj-12.jpg (145420 bytes)The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. , A New Edition with an Essay on His Life and Genius by Arthur Murphy.  Hard to find  complete 12 volume set.  Contemporary speckled calf with black and green lettering pieces; engraved frontispiece.  London; Johnson & Nichols, 1806.  $750

  Common Sense: portrait frontispiece, lacks title page (may never have had one); The Rights of Man I and The Rights of Man II; Symonds, 1792; Letter Addressed to the Abbe Raynal; Ridgway, 1792; Miscellaneous Articles; Ridgway, 1792; Letter Addressed to the Addressers; Symonds, 1792.  Full contemporary leather; rebacked with new title piece; bottom board taken from another contemporary volume.  $1,000.   SOLD

Scotland.jpg (129860 bytes)The History of Scotland; William Robertson;  A. Millar, London, 1760.  3rd edition.  Contemporary calf, raised bands, gilt spines, black lettering pieces, gilt edged boards with marbled edges and end papers, gilt dentelles.  $550  SOLD

Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence; W. Brown & C. Peters, Philadelphia, 1828; 2nd edition, revised.  5 volumes;  Contemporary calf; all volumes rebacked.  All engravings present.     $350  SOLD

M. A. Thiers; The History of the French Revolution.  Half contemporary calf w. gilt spines and rasied bands, brown labels, marbled baords and edges.  All 41 engravings present.  London, bentley, 1838, 5 volumes.     $500.

The American Revolution (3 volumes) and George III and Charles Fox (the Concluding Part of the American Revolution (2 volumes); Sir George Otto Trevelyan.  London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1908-1927.   Cloth, top edges gilt, engraved frontispiece, six folding maps.   $100

James Boswell; The Life of Samuel Johnson, LLD;  Recovered in creased maroon cloth, aeg, new eps, engraved frontis., two facsimile foldouts; Ex-Library with only small marking; Oxford, Pickering, 1826.        4 volumes.  $450

dumas.jpg (26739 bytes)Lieut.-Gen. Count Mathieu Dumas Memoirs of His Own Time (including the Revolution, the Empire and the Restoration) 1/2 red Morocco; marbled boards and eps; TEG; gilt spine, raised bands, gilt decorations; portrait frontis. both volumes (Lafayette, Napoleon) R. Bentley, London, 1839; 2 volumes, 1st edition.  $250 

Thomas Gray; The Works of Thomas Gray; Contemp. diced calf, gilt boards, spine, dentelles Vernor, Hood, et al., London, 1807; 3rd edition ; 2 volumes.  $150

bowdler.jpg (54982 bytes)Edward Gibbon; History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; edited by Thomas Bowdler "In this edition the indecent expressions and allusions of an improper tendency have been omitted."  Buckram w/leather labels Longman, Rees, et al.; 1826.  $350 

world.jpg (25413 bytes)Adam Fitz-Adam (Edward Moore);  The World Contemp. tree calf, gilt spine, red & black lps. Parsons, London, 1794; 4 volumes.  $250 

Cervantes; Don Quixote; 4 vols.; 12 mo. Tree calf; gilt; 28 engr. plates after Hayman; some damp staining vol. 1  Strahan, et al.; 1782; 5th edition.  $485

america.jpg (54500 bytes)Wm. Robertson; The History of America; 2 vols.; quarto Rebacked w/hollow; creased red morocco; some pages uncut; 2 foldout maps Strahan, et al.; 1778; 2nd edition. $500

 spenser.jpg (59647 bytes)Edmund Spenser; The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser; 5 vols. Cont. embossed calf w/ gilt spine and board borders; marbled edges and eps.; rebacked Pickering et al.; 1st edition thus; 1825.  $375 

Lord Bolingbroke; The Philosophical Works of the Right Honourable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke; 5 vols. Cont. speckled calf; gilt spine with lettering pieces., David Mallet; 1754-1777; 1st collected edition.  $475

Henry Fielding; The Adventures of Joseph Andrews; 2 vols. in 1 Newly recovered w/gilt spine & red l.p. C. Cooke; circa. 1790's.  $110

tomjones.jpg (53144 bytes)Henry Fielding; Tom Jones; 4 vols. 1/4 cont. calf w/ gilt spine, red l.p. C. Cooke; 1794. $295

creasysbattles.jpg (58584 bytes)Edward Creasy; Fifteen Decisive Battles (from Marathon to Waterloo) Cont. calf prize binding;  R. Bentley; 1862; 12th edition.   $125   SOLD

Samuel Smiles; Story of the Life of George Stephenson Cont. calf w/gilt bordered boards John Murray; 1873.  $125

adventurer.jpg (54807 bytes)Samuel Johnson & John Hawkesworth; The Adventurer; 4 vols.; 1/2 moroccan; tan w/gilt spine; recent boards; new eps. W. Strahan; 1770. $300 

russian.os.jpg (59550 bytes)russian.is.jpg (48194 bytes)Antiochus Cantemir; Satires, including a life of the author. In Russian;  Cont. calf w/gilt spine and lp. Library stamp of Tsarskoe Selo - Imperial residence of the Tsars; bookplate of Denis Roy Bentham, notable collector of rare books and manuscripts. St. Petersberg, 1762.  $750  SOLD

James Boswell; The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Contemp. tree calf, gilt spine; engr. frontis; facsimiles present in vols. 2 & 3. Cadell & Davies; 1804; 4th edition; 4 volumes.  $600