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UPDATED:  September 1, 2015

Following is just a sample of the many first editions and signed books that we have. We also have  several autographed items, including cards or letters signed by Pablo Casals, Douglas fairbanks, Jr., Eugene Ormandy, jerome Hines, Mary Pickford, Leontyne Price, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Van Cliburn. For more details contact us at 607-538-9080 or whabooks@stny.rr.com.




miss.benet.whist 010.jpg (698055 bytes) miss.benet.whist 002.jpg (983707 bytes) miss.benet.whist 001.jpg (576133 bytes)

Life on the Mississippi; Mark Twain. Boston; Osgood, 1883. Three-quarter leather with marbled endpapers. True 1st edition, 1st state, with tail piece on page 441 with flames and picture of Mark Twain and page 443 with caption "St. Louis Hotel" With over 300 illustrations. $350.00.  SOLD


  firsts 033.jpg (747044 bytes)  firsts 034.jpg (493591 bytes)

 Rebecca; Daphne du Maurier.  Doubleday, 1938, stated 1st edition.  Unclipped dust jacket with tears (see photograph).  This  book is not signed.  $500.


10-02 013.jpg (899326 bytes)       

Blue Plate Special by Damon Runyon.  Ferderick Stokes, 1934.  1st edition, 1st printing.  No dust jacket.  $500.

10-02 015.jpg (939515 bytes)  10-02 016.jpg (673940 bytes)

So Big by Edna Ferber.  Doubleday, Page, 1924.  Stated 1st edition.  No dust jacket.  


capote.bemelsman 001.jpg (478299 bytes)   capote.bemelsman 002.jpg (562769 bytes)

Small Beer; Ludwig Bemelmans; Viking, 1939.  "One Hundred and Seventy-Five copies of the first edition have been specially bound with an original illustration in color.  This is copy Number 152."  Book comes in slip case.  $450.00  SOLD



 DUNE, Frank Herbert, is a stated 1st edition with an unclipped dust jacket.  There is a 2-3 inch tear in the DJ ) and there is black marker on the top edge.  We have been advised that the DJ is  a 1st state DJ.   Please call for additional details or pictures.  Price:  $500.00. SOLD

Cather, Willa; O Pioneer! We have 2 versions of this book.  We have a 1st edition 1st printing, Houghton Mifflin, 1913, no dust jacket, for $495;  and we have a 1st edition but not a 1st printing, with no dust jacket, for $350.

Cather, Willa; Obscure Destinies: Three New Stories of the West; New York, Knopf, 1932. 1st edition in price-clipped dust jacket. $125.

Compton-Burnett, Ivy; Dolores; London & Edinburgh, Wm. Blackwood and Sons, 1911. 1st edition, 1st printing of the author’s first novel; only 1400 copies printed. No dust jacket; blue cloth with gold lettering; spine lettering faded. $800.

McMurtry, Larry; Lonesome Dove; New York, Simon & Schuster, 1885. 1st edition, 1st state in an unclipped dust jacket. $100.  SOLD

Morrison, Toni; Jazz; New York, Knopf, 1992. 1st trade edition in unclipped dust jacket. $95.

Oates, Joyce Carol; With Shuddering Fall; New York, Vanguard Press, 1964. Unclipped dust jacket. $95.

Walker, Alice; Possessing the Secret Joy; New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1992. 1st edition in unclipped dust jacket. $30.

Welty, Eudora; The Golden Apples; New York, Harcourt Brace, 1949. In an unclipped duct jacket. $100.

Welty, Eudora; Delta Wedding; New York, Harcourt Brace, 1946. 1st edition in unclipped dust jacket. $95.





miss.benet.whist 004.jpg (779770 bytes) miss.benet.whist 005.jpg (631998 bytes) miss.benet.whist 006.jpg (534683 bytes)

Stephen Vincent Benet. Garden City; Doubleday, Doran, 1928. 1st Edition, Limited Edition of 201, this being Number 66 and signed by Stephen Vincent Benet. Beige cloth, brown slip case. $200.00.  SOLD


inda.china.mccain 001.jpg (866545 bytes)

Home to India; Santha Rama Rau.Harper & Brothers, 1945.  Signed by the author.  Book and dust jacket in good condition.  $150.00.  SOLD


galsworthy.rug 001.jpg (748506 bytes)   galsworthy.rug 002.jpg (498729 bytes)

On Forsyte Change by John Galsworthy.  Scribners, 1930.  Signed and with Dust Jacket.  With Scribner's insignia on copyright page and no editions or printings noted. $200.

10-02 017.jpg (691335 bytes)  10-02 018.jpg (513093 bytes) 10-02 019.jpg (693397 bytes)

The Chronicle of Clemendy.  Signed edition, limited to 100 copies.  Also has a collectible bookplate.  $300.

10-02 020.jpg (913340 bytes)  10-02 021.jpg (622578 bytes) 10-02 022.jpg (596430 bytes)

The Street of the Islands.  Stark Young.  Scribner, 1930.  1st edition with Scribner's "A" on copyright page.  Dust jacket.  Signed by Stark Young.  $125.00

10-02 023.jpg (699259 bytes)  10-02 024.jpg (516974 bytes)

The Three Sisters; Anton Chekhov.  Translated by Stark Young and inscribed by Stark Young in 1941. Soft cover, Samuel French, 1941. $50.00


pierce 001.jpg (802100 bytes) pierce 002.jpg (583413 bytes)  pierce 003.jpg (592745 bytes)  

Mildred Pierce, 1st edition (stated on copyright page).  Unclipped dust jacket with $2.50 price.  Dust jacket has a tear on the front and a piece missing at the top of the spine (see photographs).  Signed on front free endpaper by James M. Cain.  $1,000.  SOLD


firsts 001.jpg (697363 bytes)  firsts 002.jpg (492487 bytes)

J R by William Gaddis.  Uncorrected proof copy signed by Gaddis.  Rare.  $500.  SOLD

firsts 003.jpg (876154 bytes) firsts 004.jpg (489128 bytes)  

First Impressions of Greece; Henry Miller. Limited edition of 250 signed by Miller.  $150.  We have several other 1sts signed by Miller.  SOLD


firsts 007.jpg (915643 bytes)  firsts 008.jpg (516288 bytes)

Haroun and The Sea of Stories; Salman Rushdie. Limited edition of 251 (copy no. 143) and signed by Rushdie.  $250 SOLD.  We have several other books signed by Rushdie, including a paperback copy of Satanic Verses(Satanic Verses SOLD).

firsts 009.jpg (656205 bytes)  firsts 010.jpg (542155 bytes)

Death Likes it Hot; Edgar Box (Gore Vidal).  Heinemann, 1979.  Signed by Box/Vidal.  Unclipped dust jacket.  $65.  SOLD


 firsts 038.jpg (645820 bytes)

Indignation Philip Roth.  1st edition, signed by Roth.  Unclipped dust jacket.  $50.

firsts 017.jpg (745939 bytes) firsts 018.jpg (507106 bytes)

On Chesil Beach; Ian McEwan.  Limited edition in slipcase,  1194 of 1200 copies signed by McEwan.  $150,   SOLD

firsts 019.jpg (697195 bytes)

The Muses Are Heard;  Truman Capote.  Random House.  Stated First Printing.  Unclipped dust jacket. $100.  This book is not signed.


firsts 020.jpg (666586 bytes)

The Mission Song;  John LeCarre.  Signed limited edition of 500.  Book and slipcase still in shrink warp.  $125.   SOLD

  firsts 022.jpg (756214 bytes)  firsts 023.jpg (684728 bytes)  firsts 024.jpg (467227 bytes)


Hawaii; James A. Michener.  "This first edition of HAWAII is limited to four hundred copies signed by the author."  This is copy 183.  Acetate cover on book, which comes in a slipcase.  $650.  SOLD

firsts 039.jpg (654697 bytes)  firsts 040.jpg (488116 bytes)

Caribbean; James A. Michener.  Stated 1st edition with signed bookplate of Michener.  Unclipped dust jacket.  $110.

firsts 041.jpg (629686 bytes)  firsts 042.jpg (575522 bytes)

Mexico; James A. Michener.  Stated 1st edition with signed bookplate of Michener.  Unclipped dust jacket.  $110.

firsts 043.jpg (747941 bytes)  firsts 044.jpg (588874 bytes)

Caravans; James A. Michener.  Stated 1st printing signed by Michener on front free endpaper.  Unclipped dust jacket.  $150.

firsts 045.jpg (775761 bytes)  firsts 046.jpg (472080 bytes)

Losing Battles; Eudora Welty.  Signed by Welty.  Unclipped dust jacket.  $150.

firsts 025.jpg (1041740 bytes)  firsts 026.jpg (477348 bytes)

The Leaning Tower and Other Stories; Katherine Anne Porter.  Signed by Porter and dated 9th May 1958.  Price clipped dust jacket.  $200.  SOLD


firsts 035.jpg (728166 bytes)  firsts 036.jpg (516981 bytes)

Servant of the Bones;  Anne Rice. "Of this first edition of Servant of the Bones four hundred twenty-five numbered, fifty deluxe & twenty-six lettered copies, all specially bound, have been signed by the author.  This is letter F."  Signed by Anne Rice and Stan Rice, cover artist.  Slipcase and book.  $195.  

firsts 037.jpg (764471 bytes)

The Bone Setter's Daughter; Amy Tan.  Signed limited edition of 200.  Book in slipcase still in shrink wrap.  $150.  SOLD

firsts 030.jpg (727952 bytes)  firsts 031.jpg (522527 bytes)

In the Land of Dreamy Dreams;  Ellen Gilchrist.  University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, 1981.  Signed by Gilchrist.  Unpriced and unclipped dust jacket.  $150.  SOLD


Fantastic Voyage II:  Destination Brain; New York, Doubleday, 1987.  1st edition and signed by Isaac Asimov.  Dust jacket fine on the outside but stained on the inside.  Book in good condition.  $150.  SOLD

asimov.002.jpg (878139 bytes)


Marshall, Paule; Praisesong for the Widow; New York, Putnam, 1983. In unclipped dust jacket. Signed by the author. $50.

Michener, James; Tales of the South Pacific; New York, Macmillan, 1977.  26th printing. Dust jacket.   Signed by Michener.  $195

Michener, James; Return to Paradise; New York, Random House, 1951. No dust jacket. Inscribed "To Mary & William Blood with warm best wishes to a pair of good neighbors . . . the first a WAVE. Jim Michener USNR. Ret." $100.  

O’Brien, Edna; The Lonely Girl; New York, Random House, 1965. 1st edition, in unclipped dust jacket. Signed by the author. $75.

Oates, Joyce Carol; By The North Gate; New York, Vanguard Press, 1963. Unclipped dust jacket. 1st edition of her first book. Signed by Oates. $150.

Reed, Ishmael; Yellow Back Radio Broke Down; London, Allison Busby, 1969.  Unclipped dust jacket.  Inscribed by the author.  $45.

Reed, Ishmael; The Last Days of Louisiana Red; New York, Random House.  1st edition in unclipped dust jacket.  Inscribed by the author.  $45. 

Sontag, Susan; Death Kit; New York, Farrar Straus & Grioux, 1967. 1st edition, 1st printing in unclipped dust jacket. Signed by Sontag. $75. SOLD   

Valenzuela, Luis; Clara; New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976. 1st english translation in unclipped dust jacket. Inscribed and signed by the author "To David with best wishes." $100.