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Johnsoniana, on the Occasion of the Tercentenary of Samuel Johnson’s Birth

A Dictionary of the English LanguageSamuel Johnson, LL.D. London; J. Johnson, C. Dilly et al.; 1799; 8th edition. Two volumes, contemporary plain brown morocco with double ruled borders, gilt spines carefully rebacked with 5 raised bands, 6 compartments, lettering pieces in red and blue and elaborate gilt designs. Both volumes bear the armorial bookplate of Sir Charles Cockerell, Bart.(1755-1837). $2750

The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Arthur Murphy, Esq. London; Johnson, Nichols, et al.; 1806; "A New Edition in Twelve Volumes." Twelve volumes in contemporary speckled calf, gilt spines with black and green lettering pieces. Frontispiece Vol. 1, new endpapers Vol. 1. $750

Life of Johnson.  James Boswell. London; Macmillan; 1906. Half-red morocco with gilt lettering piece; top edge gilt. $100

Life of Johnson. James Boswell. Oxford; Pickering; 1826. Four volumes in burgundy creased cloth; new endpapers; all edges gilt. Ex-library, with few markings. $450

The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets.  Samuel Johnson. London; Bathurst et al.; 1781. First London edition; 4 volumes in full calf; gilt spine with red lettering pieces; raised bands; engraved frontispiece. Water stains on the bottom of the pages in volume 1; last 2 pages of volume 4 missing (replaced with copies). $650

A Journey to the Western Islands.  Samuel Johnson. Dublin; Williams; 1775. First Dublin edition. Contemporary calf, gilt spine with red lettering piece. $350

The Prince of Abissinia.  Samuel Johnson. London; Strahan, et al.; 1766. Fourth edition; two volumes; later full-calf with repaired joints; gilt boards and spine with red and black lettering pieces. $245

Observations and Reflection Made in the Course of a Journey through France, Italy and Germany.  Hester Lynch Piozzi. London; Strahan and Cadell; 1789. First edition; two volumes in contemporary half-leather with marbled boards, raised bands. Ads present in volume 2. $550

The Adventurer.  Samuel Johnson and John Hawkesworth. London; Strahan et al.; 1770. Four volumes, recent half-morocco with new end papers, gilt spine, no head bands. Ex-library with few markings. $300

Rasselas & Dinarbas.  S. Johnson and C. Knight. London; Walker, et al.; 1817. Small (12mo), blue cloth volume with engraved frontispiece and title page. Ex-library with two stamps. $50

Dinarbas; A Tale.  Cornelia Knight. London; Dilly; 1790. First edition. Half-calf with raised bands, repaired hinges. This is Knight’s first published work. $300


The Memoirs of the Duke of Saint Simon on the Reign of Louis XIV, and the Regency.  Bayle St. John. London; Chapman & Hall; 1857. First and Second Series; 4 volumes; half-red morocco over marbled boards, with raised bands and beautiful gilt lettering and design on spines, marbled end papers. $425

The Constitutional History of England  from the Accession of Henry VII to the Death of George II.  Henry Hallam. London; John Murray; 1827. First edition. Two volumes, contemporary calf, gilt spines, raised bands, marbled edges. $500

Sketches from Venetian History.  London; John Murray; 1831. Two volumes, vol. 2 is 3rd edition (1838.) Contemporary vellum, with gilt spines and lettering pieces. All engravings, including foldout map, present. $120

Memoirs of the Protectorate House of Cromwell.  Mark Noble. Birmingham; Pearson and Rollason; 1784. First edition. Two volumes, three-quarter calf over marbled boards, with marbled endpapers, raised bands. Engraved frontispiece in both volumes. Volume 1 is dated MDCCXXXLIV rather than "MDCCLXXXIV" as volume two correctly reads. $650

The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England.  Edward, Earl of Clarendon. Oxford; Clarendon Press; 1826. Eight volumes, including an index. Contemporary full calf, with gilt boards and spine, raised bands and marbled endpapers. $900

Invasion of the Crimea.  Alexander Kinglake. Edinburgh and London; Wm. Blackwood; 1863-1887. Eight volumes with Vols. 1& 2 being 3rd editions, Vols. 3 & 4 2nd editions. and Vols. 5-8 1st editions. Three-quarter red leather over red cloth, gilt design and lettering on spines, raised bands, marbled endpapers. $1,250  SOLD

Napoleon.  Theodore Ayrault Dodge, Lt.-Col. United States Army. Part of the "Great Captains" Series. Boston and New York; Houghton, Mifflin; 1901. First edition. Four volumes, maroon cloth. Dodge has been described as the "greatest American historian." He also served in the Civil War. $600.  

The History of the Reign of Charles V.  William Robertson. London; Strahan; 1769. First edition. Three volumes recently bound in green half-leather with gilt spines and raised bands. Ex-library with gilt number on spines but few other markings. $450

England Under Queen Anne.  G.M. Trevelyan. London; Longmans Green; 1931. Two volumes, green cloth with gilt lettering. From the Library of Herbert Claiborne Pell, U.S. Representative from New York, Minister to Portugal and Hungary. $60

History of the Reign of George III.  Robert Macfarlan. Edinburgh; Brownlie; 1810-1812. Four volumes, all first editions, in quarter-leather over marbled boards. Scarce. Vol. 1, 1810; Vol.2, 1811; Vols. 3 & 4, 1812. $295

The History of the Revolutions in Sweden and Portugal.  The Abbe Vertot. Dublin; Grierson; 1727. Early leather; gilt spine; missing lettering piece, raised bands. Bookplate of Henry Maxwell, 7th Baron Farnham (1799-1868), MP. $195

The Illustrated History of the War Against Russia.  E. H. Nolan, Ph.D., LL.D. London; Virtue; probably 1857. Two volumes, dark green cloth. All six double-page foldout maps present. $300


Grant and Sherman; Their Campaigns.  J. T. Headley. New York; E. B. Treat; 1865. Full leather; black lettering pieces on spines. "With Numerous Fine Steel Portraits, Battle Scenes, & Maps." $250

The Life and Public Services of James A. Garfield, Our Martyred President.  James D. McCabe. Cincinnati; Jones Brothers; 1880. Full leather, top board loose; marbled endpapers. $50

Around the World with General Grant 1877, 1878, 1879.  John Russell Young. New York; American News Co.; 1879. Two volumes, three-quarter leather over marbled boards, with marbled endpapers and edges; "with eight hundred illustrations." $150

The History of the Seventh Regiment of New York 1806-1890.  Colonel Emmons Clark. New York; The Seventh Regiment; 1890. Two volumes; blue cloth with gilt design and lettering. Rebacked, with original backstrip retained. $250

The Crisis of the Old Order; The Coming of the New Deal; The Politics of Upheaval.  Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. New York; Houghton Mifflin, 1957, 1959, 1960; Book of the Month Club editions. All with dust jackets in mylar. $35

The Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus.  Washington Irving. Philadelphia; Carey, Lea et al.; 1835. Second American edition, contemporary leather with repaired hinges. $140

American Conflict:  A History of the Great Rebellion.  Horace Greeley. Hartford; O.D. Case; 1864-66. Two volumes, full leather, rebacked with original backstrip retained. "Illustrated by portraits on steel of Generals, Statesman and other Eminent Men: Views of the places of historic interest: Map, Diagrams of Battle-Fields, Naval Actions, etc.: from Official Sources." $250

The Great Rebellion; A History of the Civil War in the United States.  J. T. Headley. Hartford; Hulbut, Scranton; 1864. Two volumes, elaborately blind-tooled boards, rebacked with original backstrips retained, marbled endpapers and edges. "With numerous fine steel engravings." $125

The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin.  H. W. Brands. New York; Doubleday; 2000. First edition. Dust jacket in mylar cover. $25

On Active Service in Peace and War.  Henry L. Stimson and McGeorge Bundy. New York; Harper & Brothers; 1948. First edition. In mylar protected dust jacket. $65

Roosevelt: From Munich to Pearl Harbor.  Basil Rauch. New York; Creative Age Press; 1950. First edition, mylar protected dust jacket. $30

Life and Times of Washington.  Schroeder-Lossing. Albany; M.M. Belcher; 1903. Four volumes in two, dark green cloth with gilt lettering on spines. Inscribed "Best Wishes Eugene M. Gravis State Comptroller 1915-1916." $75

The Growth of the American Republic.  Morison, Commager and Leuchtenburg. New York; Oxford Univ. Press; 1969. Two volumes, black cloth. $35

Jefferson Davis:  A Memoir by His Wife.  Varina Jefferson Davis. New York; Belford Co; 1890. Two volumes, red cloth, chipped black lettering pieces on spines. $150

Sitting Bull and the Indian War.  W. Fletcher Johnson. Edgewood Pub. Co.; 1891. First edition; "Profusely Illustrated." Green decorative cloth. $165

Compendium of the Impending Crisis of the South.  Hinton Rowan Helper. New York; Burdick; 1860. Ex-library. Brown cloth. $95  SOLD

A South-Side View of Slavery or Three Months at the South in 1854.  Nehemiah Adams. Boston; T. R. Marvin; 1854. Ex-library. Discolored blind-tooled cloth boards. $95  SOLD

The Sable Cloud:  A Southern Tale with Northern Comments.  Nehemiah Adams. Boston; Ticknor and Fields; 1861. Ex-library. Blind-tooled cloth boards. $65  SOLD

The History of the Antislavery Cause in State and Nation.  Rev. Austin Willey. Portland; Brown Thurston, et al.; 1886. Cloth boards with gilt design on top board and the words "Go Free" $100  SOLD

North Haven Annals:  A History of the Town from its Settlement 1680 to its First Centennial 1886.New Haven; Lee & Adkins; 1892. Black cloth with gilt lettering. $150

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.   Boston; Charles C. Little and James Brown; 1843. Volume VIII of the 3rd Series. Blue publisher’s boards with beige spine. $125

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.  Boston; Samuel Hall; 1800. "Volume VI, For the Year M,DCC,XCIX. Blue publisher’s boards with beige spine. Top board detached. $350



Life of Lord Kitchener.  Sir George Arthur. London; Macmillan; 1920. Three volumes, blue cloth with gilt lettering. All photographs and maps present; 4 of the 6 maps are foldout. $150

Goethe - The History of a Man.  Emil Ludwig. London, Putnam 1928. First American edition. Two volumes, blue cloth with gilt lettering. $75

This I Remember.  Eleanor Roosevelt. New York; Harper; 1949. First edition (so stated). In unclipped dust jacket. $65

William Booth:  Founder of the Salvation Army.  Harold Begbie. London; Macmillan; 1920. Two volumes, blue cloth with gilt lettering. $50

Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Mrs. Hannah More.  William Roberts. London; Seely & Burnside; 1834. Four volumes, ? first edition, contemporary half calf, rebacked with backstrips retained, marbled boards, edges and endpapers. Bookplate of Thos. Ashton, 1st Baron of Ashton & Hyde. $200

Lives of the Sheridans.  Percy Fitzgerald. London; Bentley; 1886. Two volumes in full calf, board reattached retaining original backstrip, gilt boards and spines, with raised bands. Bookplate of George J. Gould, son of financier Jay Gould. $125

Life of Napoleon.  Baron Jomini. New York; D. Van Nostrand; 1864. First American edition. Five volumes, including the Atlas, maroon cloth. Translation & notes by H. W. Halleck. From the Library of The Commandery of the State of Illinois; Inscribed by Gen. William Vandever, Civil War General. $1,250

Memoirs of Celebrated Etonians.  Heneage Jesse. London; Bentley; 1875. Two volumes, three-quarter blue calf over blue boards, marbled endpapers and pages, ornate gilt spines with red lettering piece and raised bands. Contents includes Henry Fielding, Earl of Chatham, Horne Tooke, Horace Walpole, Lord North, and many others. $175

The Life and Times of Cavour.  Wm. Roscoe Thayer. Boston; Houghton Mifflin; 1911. Two volumes, green cloth with plates and a foldout map. $50

The Life of the Late Earl of Chesterfield: or The Man of the World . . . Delivered in a Series of Letters to His Son.  London; J. Bew; 1774. Two volumes in full contemporary leather, red lettering pieces. $375

George Washington Carver:  An American Biography.  Rackham Holt. Garden City; Doubleday Doran; 1943. Blue cloth. $25

Booker T. Washington:  Builder of a Civilization.  Emmett Scott, Lyman Beecher Stowe. Garden City; Doubleday Page; 1916. Green cloth. $45


British Fresh-Water Fishes.  W. Houghton, M.A., F.L.S. London and Dublin; Mackenzie; n.d. [1879]; 1st edition. Reddish- brown cloth boards with gilt and black titles on front boards ; elaborate gilt pictorial covers with fisherman standing in stream holding a fish. Gilt and black decorative spines, complete with 41 beautiful color plates. $1,500

Lloyds Natural History:  

The following four sets are uniformly bound in maroon cloth with sunned spines, black and gilt lettering.


R. Lydekker. London; Lloyd; 1896. One volume. All 32 color plates present. $75

Handbook of Game-Birds

Ogilvie-Grant. London; Lloyd; 1896. Two volumes. All color plates present. $125

A Handbook to the Birds of Great Britain

Bowdler Sharpe. London; Lloyd; 1896. Four volumes. All color plates present. $250

Handbook to the Order Lepidoptera.

Kirby. London; Lloyd; 1896. Five volumes. All color plates present (158 total.) $595

Familiar Wild Birds.  W. Swaysland. London; Cassell; 1902. Two volumes with three-quarter leather over green cloth, marbled endpapers and edges. All 160 color plates present. $185

Familiar Trees.  G. S. Boulger. London; Cassell; ca. 1906. "Entirely New Edition Revised Throughout and Enlarged. Three volumes, half calf over red boards, with gilt spines. All plates present in all three volumes including 114 color plates and 114 black and white plates. $135

Country Life Library of Sport:  Fishing.  Horace G. Hutchinson. London; Newnes; 1907. First edition. Two volumes, red cloth with gilt lettering. Hundreds of black and white photographs. $95

Angling in British Art.  Walter S. Sparrow. London; John Lane;1923. Blue cloth with gold lettering, 288 pages with index. All plates present, including 39 in color. $250

The Cherries of New York.  U. P. Hedrick. New York; New York Agricultural Experiment Station; 1915. Green cloth. All plates present. $275

Index Entomologicus or a Complete Illustrated Catalogue Consisting of Upwards of Two Thousand Accurately Coloured Figures of the Lepidopterous Insects.  W. Wood, F.R.S, & L.S. London; Willis; 1854. Three-quarter calf over marbled boards, with marbled endpapers, ornate gilt spine with raised bands. All 59 plates present. $500

Pheasants - Their Lives and Homes.  William Beebe. New York; Doubleday, Doran; 1936. Two volumes in one; green cloth with gilt medallion on front board. All plates present. $95

Nouveau Dictionnaire d'histoire naturelle, appliquee aux arts, principalement l'agriculture et l'economie rurale et domestique. Par une societe de naturalistes et d'agriculteurs: avec des figures tirees des trois regnes de la nature.  Paris; De L’Imprimerie de Crapelet; 1803. Twenty-four volumes. Bookplate of The Duchesse de Courland, also known as the Duchess de Dino. The Duchess de Dino was the wife of Talleyrand's nephew and she was also Talleyrand's mistress. $1,750

Cattle; Their Breeds, Management and Diseases, with an Index.  London; Baldwin and Craddock; 1834. First edition. Publisher’s boards. $125

The Complete Angler; To which are added, an introductory essay; the Linnaean arrangement of the various river-fish delineated in the work; and illustrative notes.  Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. London; John Fleet; 1823. The first "Major Edition" of the Angler, based on the fifth edition (1676), with an introductory essay, revised notes, etc. by John Major; notable particularly for the engraved illustrations. Three-quarter leather over brown cloth; gilt decorative spine. $350

The Angler’s Guide Being A Plain and Complete Practical Treatise of the Art of Angling for Sea, River and Pond Fish.  T. F. Salter. London; James Maynard; 1841. Ninth edition (1st edition was published in 1820.) "Illustrated with eighty-nine Fine Cuts." Brown cloth boards with elaborate gilt design on front board, blind-tooled design on rear board, and gilt-designed spine, with all edges gilt. Fold out illustration present. $300


The Collected Works of George Moore.  New York; Boni and Liveright; 1922; the Carra Edition. 20 volumes complete. This edition consists of 1000 numbered sets. The first volume is numbered and signed by the author. This set is number 475 of the 1000. There are 20 volumes and the last volume states that, although originally planned as a 21 volume set, volume 20 is the final volume. Cloth boards with dust jackets.$1,000

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Lewis Carroll. Macmillan, 1903. Copyright page states "First Edition Sixpenny Series published 1898. Reprinted, 1899 (twice), 1900, 1902, 1903." Full leather, prize binding with insignia of Kimbolton School in gilt. Contains 42 illustrations by John Tenniel. $150

The Complete Works of Tolstoy.  Boston; Dana Estes; 1904; The Illustrated Cabinet Edition. Volumes I through XXIV are translated from the Original Russian and Edited by Leo Weiner and are consecutively numbered. The final four unnumbered volumes are Tolstoy’s posthumous works with three edited by Hagberg Wright (The Light that Shines in the Darkness; Father Sergius; The Forged Coupon) and their fourth, Hadji Mura, translated by Aylmer Maude. Blue cloth with gilt design and spines and gilt signature on front board; TEG. $1,250

The Works of Charles Dickens.  Boston; Dewolfe, Fiske; n.d. Thirty volumes complete, full leather with two black lettering pieces on spines, blind stamps on spine and raised bands, marbled endpapers, top-edges gilt.  $500

Hawthorne’s Works.  Cambridge; Riverside Press; 1863; large paper edition with illustrations. Two hundred fifty copies printed. This is copy 206. Twelve volumes complete, Beige cloth boards with paper label on spine. Some pages uncut. $600

The Writings of Mark Twain.  Hartford; The American Publishing Company; 1899. "The Edition DeLuxe ," limited to 1,000 copies. This is copy No. 293. Twenty volumes were issued between 1899-1900. Three more volumes were issued between 1900 and 1907, but this 22 volume set was the complete set as initially offered. Green cloth with paper labels on spines.  $1,100

Gulliver’s Travels.  Jonathan Swift. London; Joseph Wenman; 1780. Three volumes bound in one 12mo volume. Full leather with engraved frontispiece for each volume.  $435

The Select Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D.  London; Hector McLean; 1826. Five volumes in full brown morocco with gilt border on boards, gilt spines and gilt dentelles. $1,000

The History of Tom Jones.  Henry Fielding. London; Cooke; n.d. [?1792 or 1794]. Four volumes, contemporary quarter-calf over marbled boards, with gilt spines and red lettering pieces. $295

Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Guinea.  Charles Johnston. London; T. Becket; 1766-67. Four volumes rebacked with brown leather, with gilt lettering. Mixed set with volumes 1 & 2 being the 5th edition and volumes 3 &4 being the 2nd edition. $265

The Citizen of the World.  Oliver Goldsmith. Edinburgh; Oliver & Boyd; 1809. Two volumes, modern rebinding with half-morocco.  $90

The World.  Adam Fitz-Adam [Edward Moore]. London; Parsons; 1794. Four volumes in contemporary tree calf, gilt spines with red and black lettering pieces. $250

The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews.  Henry Fielding. London; Symonds; 1794. Two volumes disbound, placed in blue cloth-covered cases. $250

A Tale of a Tub.  Jonathan Swift. London; Thomas Tegg; 1811. Recently rebound in full brown morocco. Seven illustrations including the frontispiece. $125

The Redskins; or Indian and Injin.  J. Fenimore Cooper. New York; Burgess and Stringer; 1846; 1st American edition published in the U.K. the same month. Two volumes in one. Half-leather over marbled boards. $295

The Bravo.  J. Fenimore Cooper. London; Colburn and Bentley; 1831. Three volumes, quarter leather over marbled boards and endpapers. Book plate of Louisa Craven with an Earl’s coronet. Louisa Elizabeth Frederica was the 1st and only daughter of the 1st Earl of Craven. $250


Sappho.  Rare 1st edition of 12 graceful etchings by Renee Sintenis illustrate works of the Greek poetess, Sappho, in this 1921 limited edition. It contains twenty-two poems or fragments, elegantly etched in Greek by Sintenis’ husband, E. R. Weiss. Signed by both Sintenis and Weiss, it is #178 of 185 copies printed on hand-made Dutch Butten paper. Printed by Alfred Ruckenbrod, Berlin . In worn and torn dust-jacket. $500

The Longest Day.  Cornelius Ryan. New York; Simon and Schuster; 1959; 2nd edition. With dust jacket. Inscribed by Ryan and signed "Cornelius – Connie to you – Ryan December 1959." $250

Wartime Correspondence between President Roosevelt and Pope Pius XII.  With an Introduction and Explanatory Notes by Myron C. Taylor. New York; Macmillan; 1947. White cloth boards with gilt lettering on spine; top edge gilt; in book box. Inscribed by Taylor to "Mr. And Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt [Jr.?] with friendly regards" and dated April 12, 1947.

Kennedy.  Theodore C. Sorensen. New York; Harper & Row;1965. Limited edition of the 1st edition; 1963 copies printed; this is copy number 1683; signed by Sorensen. Blue cloth with mylar cover; book box. $195

Autopsy of an Empire.  Jack F. Matlock, Jr., former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow. New York; Random House; 1995; 1st edition. Inscribed to Hal Friedlander, signed by Matlock and dated January 19, 1996. Book in dust jacket with mylar protector. $50

Ah, Wilderness!  Eugene O’Neill. New York; Random House; 1933.This edition was limited to 325 copies, printed on rag paper and signed by the author. This is copy number 5. Full navy blue leather with light blue and red lettering pieces on the spine; top edge gilt. $200

The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto 1941-1944.  Lucjan Dobroszycki, editor. New Haven; Yale University Press; 1984. Dust jacket with mylar cover. Inscribed to Dr. Pierre C. Haber from the editor and dated September 11, 1984. $40

The Supreme Court of the United States: Its Beginnings & Its Justices 1790-1991.  Preface by William Rehnquist. Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution. Portrait on top board. Has taped in card stating "Supreme Court of the United States Washington, DC 20543" and signed by William H. Rehnquist.  $125

The Battle of Waterloo.  G.W. Picton. London; R. Edwards; n.d. [?1816]. Contemporary leather; rebacked with original backstrip retained. Six color plates; two foldout maps; three black and white portraits. The inscription reads: "Mrs. Carter’s Book, given to her by her son Phillip Carter, who served in the Horse Guards and engaged at the Battle of Waterloo, June 18, 1815 for Elizabeth Carter." $450

A Man in Full.  Tom Wolfe. New York; Farrar Straus; 1998; 1st Trade E edition. Dust jacket in mylar cover. Signed by Tom Wolf. $75

In Spite of Myself: A Memoir.  Christopher Plummer. New York; Knopf; 2008; 1st edition. Inscribed by the author to Leonard and Evelyn (?Lauder) and signed. $75

With Lawrence in Arabia.  Lowell Thomas. Garden City; Doubleday; 1967; "New Enlarged Edition." Dust jacket in mylar cover. Insribed "Dear Vince: – without you I never would have turned out this all important epilougue! And signed Lowell Thomas. $95

Amelia Earhart; Photograph and signature on paper in pencil, undated; matted and framed. Also includes a copy of The Sound of Wings by Mary S. Lovell. New York; St. Martin’s Press; 1st edition. $375

Mountbatten of Burma.  A typed letter on Broadlands stationery, dated 8th January 1969. "Dear Mr. Sterrett, I have kept the snapshot you took of our wedding photo at Pickfair and return the other enclosures. Thank you for the offer of a birthday cake but I receive such a surprising number of offers of gifts that I have had to make a rule to decline them except from friends. Yours sincerely," and signed in ink Mountbatten of Burma. $500


An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.  Adam Smith. Dublin; W. Colles, R. Montcrieffe; 1785; 4th edition (2nd Dublin ed.). Two volumes, full leather, vi-xiiv.498; (viii),489,(58), (appendix & index), with half-titles. $1,250.  SOLD

Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle Round the World.  Charles Darwin. London; John Murray;1845;2nd edition. Red cloth, blind tooled boards, $650

The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms with Observations on their Habits.  Charles Darwin. New York; Appleton; 1882; 1st U.S. edition. Orange cloth boards with black design, gilt lettering on spine. $295

The Measures of the Imagination.  Mark Akenside. London; Cadell and Davies; 1803. Contemporary full leather, all edges gilt, with fore-edge painting. $250  

Eighty-five non-consecutive issues of The Observator, a periodical written by Roger L'Estrange, bound in 19 th Century calf, the dates span Dec. 3, 1681 to July 4, 1685. The Observator was issued as a single, folio-size leaf, printed on both sides, and published from 1681-1687. Fifty-four of the issues (Dec. 1681- Jan. 1684) were published by Joanna Brome. L'Estrange was an outspoken Royalist, prominent journalist, translator of some Greek and Latin classics, and at certain periods exerted considerable control, via censorship, over the English press.  Following are the issues:

Dec. 3, 1681 #77 trimmed to edge of text; Feb. 4, 1681 #96; Mar. 10, 1681 #109; Mar. 25, 1681 #115; Apr. 19, 1682 #124; July 12, 1682 #169; July 13, 1682 #170; Dec. 23, 1682 #263; Dec. 27, 1682 #264; Dec. 30, 1682 #265; Jan. 3, 1682 #267; Jan. 6, 1682 #268; Jan. 10, 1682 #269; Jan. 15, 1682 #277; Feb. 24, 1682 #294; Feb. 28, 1682 #296; Mar. 21, 1682 #306; Feb. 16, 1683 #16 two holes, 1-2 cm.; Feb. 17, 1683 #18; Apr. 14, 1683 #319; Apr. 26, 1683 #327; Apr. 30, 1683 #330; May 2, 1683 #331; May 3, 1683 #332; July 14, 1683 #374; July 21, 1683 #378; July 23, 1683 #379; Aug. 11, 1683 #385; Aug. 23, 1683 #391; Aug. 24, 1683 #392; Aug. 27, 1683 #393; Aug. 29, 1683 #394; Sept. 5, 1683 #398; Sept. 6, 1683 #399; Sept. 8, 1683 #400;Sept. 10, 1683 #401; Oct. 20, 1683 #423; Oct. 22, 1683 #424; Oct. 25, 1683 #426; Nov. 1, 1683 #430; Nov. 3, 1683 #431; Nov. 5, 1683 #432; Nov. 8, 1683 #434; Nov. 28, 1683 #445; June 2, 1683 #349;Dec. 6, 1683 #451; Dec. 10, 1683 #453; Dec. 12, 1683 #454; Dec. 15, 1683 #456; Dec. 27, 1683 #463; Dec. 29, 1683 #464; Dec. 31, 1683 #465; Jan. 2, 1684 #466; Jan. 3, 1684 #467; May 21, 1684; #65; June 9, 1684 #77; July 10, 1684 #95; July 12, 1684 #96; July 21, 1684 #101; Aug. 7, 1684 #111; Aug. 9, 1684 #112; Aug. 16, 1684 #116; Sept. 8, 1684 #129; Sept. 27, 1684 #140; Oct. 20, 1684 #153; Oct. 29, 1684 #158; Oct. 30, 1684 #159; Nov. 1, 1684 #160; Nov. 8, 1684; #164Nov. 12, 1684 #166; Dec. 3, 1684 #177; Dec. 20, 1684 #187; Dec. 22, 1684 #188; Dec. 29, 1684 #191; Dec. 31, 1684 #192; Jan. 12, 1684/5 #199 ; Jan. 19, 1684/5 #203; Mar. 26, 1685 #21; Mar. 30, 1685 #23; Apr. 29, 1685 #35; May 2, 1685 #36May 4, 1685 #37June 29, 1685 #52June 1, 1685 #53 July 4, 1685 #54.  $900.

A History of the New York Stage from the First Performance in 1732 to 1901.  T. Allston Brown. New York; Dodd, mead; 1903; 1st edition; 358 copies printed, 52 on Japan Paper and 305 on deckle-edge paper; this is copy number 82. Three volumes, green cloth with papers labels on spines. Each volume contains an inscription from Louise Arzula Sully, who was married to Daniel Sully, the main clown in the Humpty Dumpty Circus, and noted in the index to these volumes. $500

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.  John Locke. London; Arthur Bettsworth and Charles Hitch, et al.; 1731; 10th edition. Two volumes, contemporary calf, raised bands, brown and red lettering pieces. $500

The Diseases of Women with Child and in Child-Bed.  Francis Mauriceau; translated by High Chamberlen. London; T. Cox; 1736. Full calf, beautifully rebacked with five raised bands, gilt details on compartments, red lettering piece.  $500







Art, Music, Nature & Illustrated

Flowers: Their Use and Beauty in Language and Sentiment; Edited by Arthur Freeling. London; Darton & Co., 1851. All edges gilt, 251 pp., gilt embossed boards, all plates present including 9 hand-colored plates. $95  SOLD

Popular British Entomology; Maria E. Catlow. London; Reeve, Benham, and Reeve, 1848. Red embossed boards with gilt design, 269 pp., all plates present including 16 hand-colored plates. $225

A Hand-Book to the Order Lepidoptera; W. F. Kirby. London; Edward Lloyd, Ltd., 1896. Five volumes, red cloth, spines sunned, all plates present including 158 color plates. $595

An Introduction to Entomology; Elements of the Natural History of Insects; William Kirby. London; Longman, Hurst, et al., 1818. Four volumes, original publisher's boards, all plates present (30) plus some hand-colored drawings by a previous owner. $495

The Audubon Society Baby Elephant Folio Roger Tory Peterson. Price-clipped dust jacket. Mylar-protected; 15x12, 435 pp. + Concordance and Index. 435 colored plates. Reprint of 1981 Abbeville production. An Artabras Book.  $200

Fly-Fisher's Entomology; Trout and Grayling Fishing; Alfred Ronalds. London; Longmans, Green & Co., 1877. Black embossed cloth boards, 132 pp. + ads. All color plates (20) present. $375

Phytologia; or the Philosophy of Agriculture and Gardening; Erasmus Darwin. London; T. Bensley, 1800, 1st edition. Half-vellum, deckled edges, Twelve engraved plates. $750

The Veterinary Surgeon or Farriery Taught on a New and Easy Plan; John Hinds. Philadelphia; Gregg & Elliot, 1843. Full leather, 224 pp., including Index + ads, 3 folding plates. $85

Lures; The Guide to Sport Fishing; Keith Schuyler. Harrisburg; Stackpole Co., 1955. Half-leather, 276 pp., including Appendix. $50

The Sea-Fisherman; J.C. Wilcocks. London; Longmans, Green & Co., 1868. Three-quarter leather with red lettering piece on spine and raised bands with gilt design, 303 pp., including Index, "Profusely illustrated with woodcuts of leads, baited hooks, knots, nets, and Boats, etc. etc., and detailed descriptions of the same." $165

Lady Suffolk - The Old Grey Mare of Long Island; John Hervey. New York; Derrydale Press, 1936. Limited edition, No. 231 of 500. Beige cloth. $150 Riding and Schooling Horses

Lt. Col. Harry D. Chamberlin. New York; Derrydale Press, Limited edition No. 496 of 950. Green and black cloth. $95

The Moon in Waning; Scott Hart. New York; Derrydale Press, 1939, Limited edition, No. 337 of 950, blue cloth. Signed by the author. $200

The Practical Grocer; A Manual and Guide for the Grocer the Provision Merchant and Allied Trades; London; W.H. Simmonds. The Gresham Publ. Co, 1906. Green cloth boards with gilt design, four volumes. $250

Souvenirs Entomologiques; J.-H. Fabre. Paris; Delagrave, 1925. "Edition Illustre", ten volumes complete; three-quarter leather with marbled boards and endpapers; Does not include the Supplemental volume on the Life of Fabre. $1,000

Wood's Index Entomologicus; W. Wood and J.O. Westwood. London, G. Willis, 1854. ""A Complete Illustrated catalogue consisting of Upwards of Two Thousand Accurately Coloured Figures of the of the Lepidopterous Insects of Great Britain." Three-quarter leather, marbled boards and endpapers. All 59 color plates present. Ex-library, minimal markings. $500

All the Extant Works of Francois Rabelais; An American Translation with a Critical Text Variant Readings, Variorum Notes & Drawings Attributed to Rabelais; Samuel Putnam. New York; Covici-Friede, 1929. Cloth with faded buckram spines, three volumes, color illustrations by Jean de Bosschere. Limited edition, Number 3 of 1300. $295

Animal Painters of England from the year 1600; Sir Walter Gilbey. London; Vinton & Co., 1911. Volume III only. Beige cloth with black and gilt Lion's Head on front board, with 30 illustrations. Scarce. $100

Eaux=Fotes Mezzotintes et Pointe=Seches Modernes; Paris; Editions Du "Studio," 1913. "Numero Special du "Studio" Hiver 1912. Three-quarter leather over marbled boards, 279 pp., with hundreds of color and black & white reproductions. $95

Rembrandt's Etchings; Arthur M. Hind. London; Methuen and Co., 1912. Two volumes, blue cloth, "with thirty-four plates Illustrating the Drawings & a Complete Series of Reproductions (330) of the Etchings." $125

Wenceslaus Hollar and His Views of London and Windsor in the Seventeenth Century; Arthur M. Hind. London; John Lane, 1922. Beige cloth with brown dust jacket, folio, with frontispiece and 96 illustrations, uncut. $125

Selections from the Exhibition of Japanese Old Art Treasures in the Tokyo Olympic Games Tokyo National Museum, 1964. Folio, green cloth with gilt titling, dust jacket, 437 pp. With 400 illustrations, text in Japanese, French and English. $195

An Introduction to a History of Woodcut with a Detailed Survey of Work done in the Fifteenth Century; Arthur M. Hind. New York; Houghton Mifflin, 1935. Two volumes, orange cloth with black lettering piece, "with frontispiece and 483 illustrations in the text." $200

The Leaders of the English Pre-Raphaelites: Hollman Hunt, Rossetti, Millais; Mary E. Coleridge. London; T.C. & E.C. Black. Illustrated with eight color reproductions. Mauve cloth with gold design and titling. $50

English Goldsmiths and Their Marks; Sir Charles James Jackson. London; MacMillan and Co., 1921. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Green cloth, 747 pp. including index. $125

Sacred and Legendary Art; Mrs. Jameson. London; Longmans, Green, and Co. 1874, 7th edition. Six volumes, three-quarter leather over marbled boards, marbled end papers, hundreds of illustrations. $250

Half Hours with the Best Composers; Edited by Karl Klauser. Boston; Musician's League of America, 1913. Six volumes, blue cloth, gilt titling on top board and spine. $65

Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle Round the World; Charles Darwin. London; John Murray, 1845 (2nd edition). $650

Ancient Classics & History

Tiryns; Troy and its Remains; Troja; Ilios; Mycenae; Heinrich Schliemann. Arno Press, NY, reprinted in 1976. All five volumes in matching orange-brown cloth covers with black & gilt print on spines. We hate to sell this one - it will be hard to replace! $200

Platonis Dialogi; Plato as edited by Bekker. Oxford or Berlin; Reimer, 1816-1823. Ten volumes in Latin and Greek; consisting of 8 volumes of Plato's works and 2 volumes of commentaries. Half leather, spine gilt, with red and black lettering pieces, marbled boards, newly rebacked preserving original backstrips. $750

Variae Historiae, Libri XIII; Aelian. Frankfort; Johannes Tornaesium, 1604. Greek and Latin. Newly recovered in half-calf with paper boards, raised bands, two lettering pieces, gilt spine. $500

Syriac Bible; Hamburg, 1663, 1667. New Testament in Syrian (1663) plus Syriac Lexicon (1667). Vellum with all edges gilt. $1,000

Ecclesiastical History and The Life of Constantine In Six Books; Eusebius. Mainz; Henry Valesius, 1672. Folio, 18th Century tree-calf; Greek and Latin; gilt emblem of the City of Delft on both front and rear boards; six raised bands. $500

The Nature of Things; Lucretius ; edited by John Mason Good. London; Longman, et al., 1804. Two volumes, large quarto, half-leather, marbled boards and endpapers. $450

Lactantius Opera; Cambridge; J. Hayes, 1685. Modern rebinding, half-calf with red lettering piece, new end papers. Missing the last page of the Index. Text in Latin. $600

The Works of Tobias Smollett; London; Law, Johnson, and Dilly, et al., 1797. Full leather, Zaehnsdorf binding, all edges gilt, marbled endpapers, two boards re-attached. Eight volumes, beautiful binding. $750

Memories Historiques, Litteraires et Anecdotiques ou Correspondance Philosophique et Critique Adressee au Duc de Saxe Gotha par Le Baron Grimm et Par Didero; London; Colburn, 1824. Scarce, text in French. Seven volumes, full leather. Bookplate of Hampstead Library, otherwise no markings. $450

Pindari Carmina; Edited by Heyne. Oxford; Bliss, 1807-1809. Text in Geek and Latin. Contemporary calf with marbled boards, raised bands, gilt spine, black lettering piece. $375

C. Crispus Sallustus et L. Anneus Feorus Birmingham; Baskerville, 1773. Contemporary diced calf, rebacked. Text in Latin. $600

Julii Caesaris quae extant Ex emendatione Jos. Scaligeri. [Works of Julius Caesar: The Gallic War; Civil War, etc. edited by J. Scaliger]

Amsterdam; Danielis Elzevirii; 1675. Cloth boards, 12mo, 456 pp. plus index, engraved frontispiece, all three folding maps present. $375

Adventure & Travel

Stockholm; Album with 53 views of Stockholm, ca. 1900; all tissue guarded; sepia-toned prints. $50  SOLD

Album von Berlin; Charlottenburg und Potsdam; ca. 1900; 36 sepia-tones prints with tissue guards. $50  SOLD

The Great Trek; Eric Walker. London; A. & C. Black, 1948. Blue cloth boards, dust jacket with Mylar cover. 3rd edition, 389 pp., including index. Four b/w plates and all 3 maps (2 foldout) present. Signed by the author. $65  SOLD

The Todas; W.H. R. Rivers. London; MacMillan, 1906, 1st ed.. Three-quarter leather over marbled boards, gilt lettering and designs on spine, raised bands, 755 pp., including index, multiple illustrations, 20 fold-out genealogical charts. $225

The Letters of Gertrude Bell; Selected and edited by Lady Bell, D.B.E. London; Ernest Benn, 1927. 1st edition, 1st printing. Two volumes, cloth, with foldout map in rear of vol 2. Letters cover the life of the first female to ever take a first-class degree in Modern History at Oxford, learned Farsi and Arabic in her youth, traveled around the world twice, was called "the best of all mountaineers", and traveled extensively in Persia, Syria, the Euphrates region, eastern Turkey, Assyria, and into uncharted Arabia. $150  SOLD

Cuba Must Be Free; Why Do We Hesitate?; Charles H. Butler. Pamphlet, 1898, 15 pp. Signed by the author. Rare. $50

In Darkest Africa or the Quest, Rescue and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria Henry M. Stanley. New York, Scribner's and Toronto, Presbyterian News Co., 1890. Printed and bound by James Murray and Co., Toronto. Three-quarter calf with marbled boards, endpapers and edges. Two volumes with all three color maps present in pockets in the rear of each volume. $375

All in a Lifetime; Frank Buck. New York, McBride & Co. 1941. Orange cloth, no DJ, 1st ed. Inscribed to Truman Talley with best wishes and sincere regards, Frank Buck.. $50

Congorilla- Adventures with Pygmies and Gorillas in Africa; Martin Johnson. New York; Brewer, Warren & Putnam, 1932. 1st ed. Blue cloth, no dust jacket, inscribed to Truman Talley with best wishes from Martin Johnson. $100

Amelia Earhart; Photograph and signature on paper in pencil, undated; matted and framed. $350


Nicholas Nickleby;Charles Dickens. London; Chapman and Hall, 1839. 1st edition, 1st issue, in book form. Half burgundy calf, burgundy boards, raised bands, gilt spine with lettering pieces, with rare half-title. Thirty-nine engraved plates by Phiz. $500

Dombey and Son; Charles Dickens. London; Bradbury & Evans, 1848. 1st edition in book form. Half contemporary calf, gilt spine, black lettering piece, marbled boards, two engraved frontispieces and title page, 35 plates by Phiz. $500 John Brown's Body

Book of the Hudson; Washington Irving. New York; Putnam, 1849. Green embossed cloth, 1st Edition, 1st Printing containing, among other stories, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle." $250

A Tale of a Tub; Jonathan Swift. London; Benj. Motte, 1733, 8th edition. Modern half-calf with gilt spine and raised bands, marbled boards, engraved frontispiece, seven other engravings. $275

Im Westen Nichts Neues (All Quiet on the Western Front); Erich Maria Remarque. Berlin; Im Propylaen-Verlag, 1928. 126.-150 Tausend. 1st German edition of All Quiet on the Western Front, banned and burned by the Nazi's in 1933. Tan buckram cloth, lettering on spine and front board in red and black. $295

The Naked and The Dead; Norman Mailer. New York; Rinehart & Co., 1948. Black cloth, letters in white original dust jacket with Mylar cover. 1st edition, 1st printing with correct state and issue points on pp. 125 and 174. $195

The Works of Charles Dickens; New York; Books, Inc., Cleartype Edition, with illustrations. Mauve cloth with gilt and black on spine, twenty volumes complete. $250  SOLD

The Warden; Anthony Trollop. New York; Limited Editions Club, No. 1153, illustrated by Fritz Kreidel and signed by him. Blue cloth in blue slipcase. $75

The Idiot; Fyodor Dostoevsky. New York; The Limited Editions Club, No. 1477, 1956. Illustrated with wood-engravings by Fritz Eichenberg and signed by him. Maroon cloth with silver and gilt design on top board, gilt titling on spine, marbled slip case. $125

The Bravo; James Fenimore Cooper. London; Colburn & Bentley, 1831, 1st English edition. Three volumes, three-quarter leather over marbled boards, marbled endpapers. Book has been trimmed but there is no loss of text. Book plate of Louisa Craven, with Earl's coronet, only daughter of the 1st Earl of Craven. $250

Novels of Victor Hugo; Philadelphia; James Barrie, ca. 1894. Fourteen volumes, full red leather, gilt dentelles, top-edged gilt, marbled end papers. Holland paper edition of 1000 copies, of which this is number 531. This copy was subscribed for by Fannie E. Crocker whose initials are in gilt on the front boards. Engraved frontispiece to each volume and engraved vignettes for most chapter of each volume, all with tissue guards. $500

History and Economics

Miscellaneous Pieces of M. De Secondat, Baron De Montesquieu; London; printed for D. Wilson and T. Durham, 1759. First (and only) edition of first English translation of this work. Contemporary full leather, raised bands, with damp-staining of some edges, final blank missing, and some early repairs. $695

Essays of Michael seigneur de Montaigne in three books; Charles Cotton, translator. London, for T. Basset(t), 1685. First edition of the Cotton translation. Three volumes (dated 1685, 1686,and 1685) in contemporary leather, some boards detached, each volume individually protected in new customized archival boxes with gilt lettering and dates. $1100

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations; Adam Smith. Dublin; W. Colles, R. Montcrieffe. 4th edition. (2nd Dublin ed.), 1785. Full leather, two volumes, vi-xiiv.498; (viii),489,(58), (appendix & index), with half-titles. $1,250   SOLD

Sociology or the Reconstruction of Society, Government, and Property; Lewis Masquerier. New York; published by the Author, 1877. Green cloth. $75

The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte; With a Preliminary View of the French Revolution Sir Walter Scott. Edinburgh; Longman, Rees, et al., 1827. 1st edition. Three-quarter vellum over marbled boards, nine volumes, wilt gilt crest ("Nobilis Ira") of the Stewart family and bookplate from Aldenham Abbey. $350

Napoleon - A History of the Art of War from the Beginning of the French Revolution to the End of the 18th Century with a Detailed Account of the Wars of the French Revolution

Theodore A. Dodge. Boston & NY; Houghton, Mifflin, four volumes complete. Maroon cloth with gilt titling. 1st edition. Dodge is considered one of America's greatest historians after having served in the Civil War. From the Library of the Commandery of the State of Illinois. $600

An Essay on a Congress of Nations for the Adjustment of International Disputes without resort to Arms Containing the substance of the Rejected Essays on that Subject with Original Thoughts and Copius Appendix William Ladd. Boston; Whipple and Damrell, 1840. Beige cloth, 192 pp. including appendix. Very scarce. $250

Fifteen Decisive Battles (from Marathon to Waterloo); Edward Creasy. London; R. Bentley; 1862. 12th edition. Cont. calf prize binding, marbled endpapers and edges, gilt dentelles. $125

Memoirs of the Protectorate-House of Cromwell; Mark Noble. Birmingham, Baldwin, 1784, 1st edition. Two volumes, three-quarter calf with marbled boards and endpapers, five raised bands. Engraved frontispiece both volumes, foldout in volume 1. $650


A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ; Being a Second and Revised Edition of a Manual of the History of New Testament Times. Emil Schurer. Hendrickson Publishers, 5th printing March 2008, reprinted from the edition originally published by T. and T. Clark, Edinburgh, 1890. Five volumes, appears to be unread. $95

Imperfect Justice - Looted Assets, Slave Labor, and the Unfinished Business of World War II

Stuart E. Eizenstat, with a forward by Elie Weisel. New York; Public Affairs, 2003. 1st ed. with dust jacket and signed by the author. $50

The Book of Job - The 18th Book of the Old testament with the Twenty-Two Engravings of William Blake.London; Ernest Benn, 1927. Brown cloth with gilt border. $50

The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto 1941-1944; Edited by Lucjan Dobroszycki. New Haven; Yale U. Press. 1984. 1st edition, with dust jacket and signed by the editor. $40

Primitive Devotion in the Feasts and Fasts of the Church of England; Edward Sparke. London; Battersby, 8th ed., 1700. Paneled calf, raised bands, with engraved frontispiece and an engraving placed before each Feast day. $225

Sermons on Several Occasions; John Wesley. London; 1787-1800; all 1st editions. Nine volumes, contemporary speckled calf, red lettering pieces. $1,000

Josephus-Opera Omnia; Edited by Havercamp. Schwickert, 1782, 1783, 1784. Three volumes, half calf, blue lettering pieces. In Greek and Latin. $400

The Nicene and Athanasian Creeds; Charles Wheatly. London; John Norse, 1738. Full leather, recently rebacked, 448 pp. plus Table and Index. From the Library of Bishop Phillpotts, Truro. $250


The Diseases of Women; Francis Mauriceau; translated by Hugh Chamberlain. London; Cox & Clarke, 1736 (7th edition). Full leather, rebacked, red lettering piece, gilt, raised bands; original endpapers; nine figures, seven of which are foldout. $500

Appendix to the Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Regulations affecting the Sanitary Conditions of the Army, and the Organization of military Hospitals, and the Sick and Wounded - Appendix LXXIX; Florence Nightingale and Sidney Herbert. "Presented to the Royal College of Surgeons of England Robert Hooper late Surgeon to the 4th Dragoon Guards." Consisting of "Letters Written and received by the Director general of the Army Medical Department . . . Relating to the Health of the Troops, and the Sanitary Conditions of Hospitals in Bulgaria, the Crimea, during the War in the East, 1854-1856." Contemporary half-calf, marbled boards, folio, 212 pp. Top board detached. $400

Symptoms and Treatment of Malignant Diarrhea Better Known by the name of Asiatic Cholera; William Marsden, M.D. London; Wyman and Sons, 1871, 4th edition. Maroon blind-tooled cloth boards, black spine with new lettering piece. $125

An Essay on the Shaking Palsy; James Parkinson. London; Whittingham and Rowland, 1817. Facsimile reprint. $25

Variations on a Theme by Sydenham; Small- Pox; P.B. Wilkinson. Bristol; John Wright and Sons, 1959. Green cloth with gilt titling, with 69 illustrations. $100

The History of Physick from the Time of Galen to the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century; J. Freind, M.D. London; J. Walthoe, 1726. Two volumes, full calf with new green lettering pieces. First English history of medicine. $950

On Poisons; Alfred Taylor. London, Churchill, 1859, 2nd edition. Half-calf, marbled boards, recent recovering with new endpapers. $195


Travels in America in 1806;Thomas Ashe. London; Richard Phillips, 1809. 2nd edition. Recently recovered in half-calf with raised bands and gilt spine; marbled boards, new end papers. $395

John Locke: Some Familiar Letters Between Mr. Locke and Several of His Friends London; A. And J. Churchill, 1708. 1st edition. Rebound in library cloth binding. Ex-library, U. Of Chicago, with minimal markings. $350

Life of Sitting Bull and the History of the Indian War of 1890-1891;W. Fletcher Johnson. Edgewood Publishing Co., 1891, 1st edition. "Profusely illustrated." Green decorated cloth. $165

Connecticut Historical Collections . . . History and Antiquities of Every Town in Connecticut. Illustrated with 180 Engravings; John Warner Barber. New Haven; John W. Barber, 1836. Full red leather with marbled end papers, gilt dentelles and all edges gilt. Top board has gilt owner's name "Ellsworth Eliot M.D." Foldout map. $200

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Vol. VIII of the Third Series; Boston; Little and Brown, 1843. Blue and white cloth, deckled edges, 348 pp. $125

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society, for the Year M,DCC,XCIX (1799), Vol. VI; Boston; Hall, 1800. Blue and white cloth, deckled edges, 288 pp. $175

The Life of Oliver Hazard Perry with an Appendix; John M. Niles. Hartford; Oliver Cooke, 1821. "2nd edition, enlarged and improved." This edition contains the Navy registry which the 1st edition does not. Full leather. $95

The Discovery of America by C. Columbus London; W. Wetton, ca. 1820. Contemporary full leather, 176 pp, with four woodcuts. $75

North Haven Annals: A History of the Town from its Settlement in 1680 to its First Centennial 1886; Sheldon B. Thorpe. New Haven; Lee & Adkins, 1892. Black cloth, 422 pp. including appendix. $150

The Conqueror: Being the True and Romantic Story of Alexander Hamilton; Gertrude Franklin Atherton. New York; MacMillan, 1902. 1st edition, 1st issue (with the number 546 in the upper left hand corner). Maroon cloth decorated in silver and gilt with laid in ALS signed by the author. $200

The Riders of the Plains: Adventures and Romance with the North-West Mounted Police 1873-1910; A. L. Haydon. Chicago; McClurg, 1910. 1st edition. Orange cloth with gilt titling, 385 pp. folding map and diagram present. $85

The Writings of George Washington; Edited by Jared Sparkes. Boston; Little, Brown & Co., 1858. Twelve volumes, three-quarter leather with marbled boards, endpapers and edges. A lovely and unusual set. $500

The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge; New York; Cosmopolitan Book Corp., 1929. Green cloth. Inscribed by Calvin Coolidge: "To the Grandson of Mrs. Al. C. Blodget With Best Wishes Calvin Coolidge." $1,000

The Supreme Court of the United States Charles Evans Hughes. Garden City; 1936. Red cloth, 269 pp. Incl. Index. Calling Card from the Supreme Court signed by Charles Evans Hughes. $350  SOLD