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Platonis Dialogi [Plato]; Reimer, Oxford or Berlin, 1816-1823; Edited by Bekker; 10 volumes in Latin and Greek; consisting of 8 volumes of Plato's Work and 2 volumes of commentaries.  Half leather, spine gilt, with red and black lettering pieces, marbled boards, newly rebacked preserving original backstrips.  $750.00.  SOLD

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Aelian; Variae Historiae Libri XIII; Johannes Tornaesium, Frankfort, 1604; Greek and Latin.  Newly recovered in half-calf with paper boards, raised bands, 2 lettering pieces, gilt spine.  $500.00.


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SYRIAC BIBLE - New Testament in Syrian (1663) plus Syriac Lexicon (1667).  Hamburg, 1663, 1667.  Vellum with all edges gilt. $2,000.00.


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EUSEBIUS; Ecclesiastical History  and The Life of Constantine in 6 Books; Henry Valesius.  Greek and Latin.  Folio, Mainz, 1672. 18th Century tree-calf; gilt emblem of the City of Delft on both front and rear boards; 6 raised bands.  $500.00. SOLD

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LUCRETIUS - The Nature of Things; edited by John Mason Good.  London, Longman, et al., 1804.  Two volumes, large Quarto, half-leather, marbled boards and endpapers.  $450.00.


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JOSEPHUS- Opera Omnia.  Edited by Havercamp.  Schwickert, 1782, 1783, 1784.  Three volumes, half calf, blue lettering pieces.  In Greek and Latin.  $400.00.  SOLD

IMG_0644.JPG (792844 bytes)Euripides Fabulae; Sophoclis Fabulae; 3 volumes uniformly bound in half-leather with marbled endpapers; Clarendon Press, Oxford, ca. 1950.  Two volumes of Euripides,  by Gilbert Murray; one volume of Sophoclis by A.C. Pearson; top edges gilt.  Text in Greek with Latin notes.  All 3 volumes $175.00


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Horace; Quintus Horatius Flaccus; 16 mo; London, Pickering, 1826, 192 pages; Zahnsdorf binding with silk endpapers, engraved frontispiece, full red Morocco; top edge gilt.  $225.  SOLD

Paleopathological Diagnosis and Interpretation:  Bone Diseases in Ancient Human Populations; R. Ted Steinbock; Charles Thomas; 1976; maroon cloth with gilt titling; near perfect condition; mylar cover.  $95.  (No Picture - email if you would like one)

IMG_0364.JPG (553008 bytes)History of the Battle of Agincourt (and of the Expedition of Henry the Fifth into France in 1415; to which is added the Roll of the Men at Arms in the English Army); by Sir Harris Nicolas, K.H.; London, Johnson & Co.; 1833. Three-quarter leather; ex-library with library numbers  on spine; with folding color map in front, color map p. 94, color map, 2 color plates and 2 black and white plates in rear.  $250.00

Isocrates; Isocrates Scripta; Basel; 1614; 18th Century calf with elaborate paneled boards; raised bands; Edited by Wolf; In Greek and Latin.  $500.00

The George A. Hearn Collection of Carved Ivories.  This self- published book describes in detail the author's carved ivory collection, with an illustration for each item.  Author's business card with the words "Compliments of "  inside.  Full leather with decorated gilt boards and spine; gilt dentelles on inside of boards; silk endpapers.  $125

The Legendary History of the Cross:  A Series of 64 woodcuts from a Dutch book published in 1483.  T. Fisher Unwin, 1887.  Preface by S. Baring-Gould, introduction by John Ashton.  Simulated parchment boards with printed medieval design, brass clasps, top edge red, remainder deckle-edge, heavily uncut.  $125.  

Mrs. Jameson; Legends of the Monastic Orders - As Represented in the Fine Arts.  London, Longmans, 1872.  Fifth edition.  Numerous full page illustrations and smaller drawings grace this history of the lives of the early Saints.  $50.  SOLD

Thomas A Kempis; Of the Imitation of Jesus Christ (in three books).  Edited by Thomas Frognall Dibdin.  Ex-library (Harvard); London; Pickering; 1828.  One of 750 copies.  Contemporary burgundy morocco with gilt spine and borders of boards; red silk endpapers; blind tooled compartments on spine; top edge gilt; engraved frontispiece plus six small engravings.  $185.00

Charles Herbert Moore; Development and Character of Gothic Architecture.  New York, Macmillan.  1899, 2nd edition; Blue cloth, with ten plates and 242 illustrations.  Ex-library.  $55.00

Anthony Wood; An Exact History of All the Writers and Bishops of Oxford 1500-1695.  Knaplock, London, 1721, 2nd edition.  Half leather, raised bands; no free endpaper volume 1.  Folio, 2 volumes.  Library copy with minor markings.  $600.00.  SOLD

Early Netherlandish Painting; Erwin Panofsky.  Harvard U. Press, 1996, 4th edition; 2 volumes with dust jackets.  $175

The Old English Version of Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People; 1959 reprint (first published in 1890); 2 volumes $125.  SOLD

paieda.jpg (648594 bytes)Paidea translated by Gilbert Highet.  Oxford University Press; volume 1 2nd edition; volume 2 1st edition, 2nd printing; volume 3 1st edition; all with dust jackets.  $87.50

On Anglo-Saxon Versification; Edwin B. Setzler; Publisher's boards; Baltimore, Furst Co., 1904.  Includes typed signed letter from author.  $100.00

Aelian; Varia Historia et Fragmenta; (In Greek) half-calf; recently rebacked; marbled boards and eps; engr. frontis.; 2 vols. Perizoni, Leipzig; 1780.  $200

Hippocrates; Aphorismi bound with Celsus (30pp).  Contemporary vellum with 2 title pages, the 1st title page with an engraving of Hippocrates; Amsterdam, Wetsterium, 1685.     $150  SOLD

Justinus; Historiarum Ex Trogo Pompeio; contemporary vellum; Rouen, 1777.      $150

Plautus; Comoediae; (in Latin) recently rebacked; engr. tp. Elzevir; 1652.  $125 

Paterculus; Historiae Romanae; (in Latin) Contemp. vellum w/gilt spine; gilt emblem on boards; engr. frontis. Luchtmans, Leiden, 1744. $500 

Nizzoli; Lexicon Ciceronianum; Latin; Folio,  recently recovered in black buckram; Padua, 1734.  $300

Plutarch's Lives with notes by M. Dacier; Contemporary full calf with gilt-edged boards; Tonson, 1727.   $450

heptameron.jpg (28321 bytes)Maguerite D'Angouleme;  The Heptameron 1/2 morocco, gilt board edges, gilt spine, raised bands, TEG Geo. Barrie, Phila., n.d., 2 volumes. $250  

Lewis Ellis; Du Pin A New Ecclesiastical History of the 16th Century Contempt. paneled calf, worn with no label on spine; 2nd edition, 2 volumes in 1. Child, London, 1710 .$500

utopia.jpg (68912 bytes)Thomas More; edited by Thomas F. Dibdin Utopia; 2 vols, octavo Cont. calf; previously rebacked; gilt -edged boards w/gilt dentelles; AEG; gilt spine w/raised bands; marbled e.p.; engr. frontispiece; Presentation copy from Dibdin: "ex dono editoris 10 July 1808" Wm. Bulmer; 1808; 1st ed.   $500 

gillies.jpg (64127 bytes)Aristotle; trans. John Gillies Aristotle's Ethics and Politics; 2 vols. quarto Cont. 1/2 black calf; recently rebacked; Strahan; 1797; 1st ed. $500 

Eilhard Lubin; Clavis et Fundamenta Graecae Linguae; in Greek and Latin ?Cont. vellum; more recent gilt lettering piece; engr. frontispiece Louis Elzevier; 1651; 1st ed. $385 

aesop.os.jpg (63066 bytes)aesop.jpg (50701 bytes)Aesop;  Select Fables of Esop Cont. leather; rebacked; gilt spine; true raised bands; extensive foxing; engr. frontispiece Dodsley; printed by Baskerville; 1764; 1st ed., 2nd printing.  $395 

coins.jpg (53789 bytes)coins-os.jpg (67762 bytes)Henry Humphreys; Ancient Coins and Medals; Illustrated by numerous facsimile examples in actual relief and in the metals of the respective coins. Pages/plates all re-glued; new backstrip added; original beautifully embossed cloth-covered boards retained. The coins are reproduced by the Barclay process, a form of electrotype. Grant & Griffith; 1850; 1st ed. $585

jews.os.jpg (65533 bytes)jews.jpg (54495 bytes)Josephus Ben Gorion; The Wonderful and Most Deplorable History of the Latter Times of the Jews; Cont. leather; red l.p. Thomas; Leominster, MA; 1803. $600   SOLD

pliny.jpg (54481 bytes)Pliny;  (trans. Melmoth) Letters of Pliny the Consul Cont. sprinkled calf w/ gilt spine; raised bands Dodsley; 1757; 4th edition,  $175 

Iiliad.jpg (50258 bytes)Homer; ed. by Heyne;  Iliad; in Greek and Latin Gilt vellum; ties missing Weidmann; 1804.  $250 SOLD

Herodian; translated by Politiano;  De Romanorum Imperatorum Later 1/2 leather (?goat) w/ gilt spines, brown lp. Brigonci, Padua, 1685.  $750

Cornelius Nepos; De Vita Excellentum Imperatorum; 18th century calf w/ elaborate gilt spine, but missing lps; marbled eps, engr, title page F. Leonard, Paris. 1675.  $250.  SOLD

Torquato Tasso; Jerusalem Delivered; translated by Edward Fairfax Contemp. calf, gilt boards and spines. R. Triphook; 1817; 2 volumes. $250 

Cornelius Tacitus; The Works translated by Arthur Murray; Contemp. paneled calf; gilt boards and spine; blind tooling on boards Stockdale; 1811; 8 volumes; 5 fold out maps & illustrations present.  $450

Terence; Comedies; Contemporary tree calf with gilt spine and gilt-edged boards; rebacked, boards reattached, original backstrip retained.  2 engraved frontispieces.  Wetntenios & Smith, 1727.   $350.00

Poetae Elegiaci Romanorum; translated by D. F. Koreff.  In Latin and German.  Half-morocco, papered boards, gilt spine.  Appears  to be inscribed "Dem Herzog von Dalberg . . . vom Koreff".  $500.00

Galen; Opera.  Contemporary vellum, with later vellum rebacking; engraved title page with red and black printing.  Folio; Caffin & Plaignard, 1643.  $400.00  SOLD

Quintilian; Quinctiliani de Institutione Oratore.  Contemporary vellum, red lettering pieces.  Burmanns, Padua, 1736.  $300.00 

Sallust; Opera Omnia.  Vellum; Hackiana, 1677.  $200.00

Cicero; Cato and Laelius; translated by William Melmoth; Contemporary tree calf, gilt spine with red and green lettering pieces, sprinkled edges.  2 volumes,  Dodsley, 1795.   $175.00

Seneca; Tragedies; Contemporary calf, gilt spine, raised bands, engraved title page.  Moyardi, 1651.  $200.00

Homer; Ilias; Edited by Heyne.  Contemporary calf, gilt spine and gilt-edged boards, rebacked, original backstrips retained.  Oxford, 1821.   2 volumes.  $125.00     SOLD


Aelian; Operum (in Greek); Contemp. vellum; tp with vignette Hekel, Dresden, 1746; vol. I (there never was a Vol. 2).  $200

Epistola, Dialogi Breves, Oratiunculae, Poematia; edited by Henricus Stephanus; Estiene, 1577. This is the Greek volume only, octavo, 176 pp. (volume 2 is in Latin). Vellum (contemporary?), ties gone. $395

Sophocles Tragoediae Septem; seven volumes, published by Fleischer, Leipzig, between 1802-1825. 1st edition. Edited by Erfurdt who died prior to the publication of the 7th volume in 1825. Original wrappers with inked labels. In Greek. $595

Isocrates - incl. Hesiod Orationes III; in Greek and Latin Later vellum; false headbands; hollow back Schudt; 1684; 1702.  $260

Cornelius Nepos; De Excellentibus Viris (in Latin); Contemp. vellum Weidnmann, Leipzig, 1771.  $95 

Aurelii; Prudentii Clementis Opera (in Latin); 18th C morocco, gilt-edged boards & spines, 5 raised bands; gilt dentelles; AEG; engr. frontis. Thiboust; 1687. $700 

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