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UPDATED:  MARCH 15, 2020


Because we do not have sufficient time to update our Recent Acquisition page properly, 

we are going to try to highlight each month a few of our recent acquisitions.  

Please call or email for details or photographs of any book in which you are interested.


McCarthy and His Enemies. By William F. Buckley, Jr. and L. Brent Bozell, Regnery, 1954.  1st edition, with dust jacket.  

Inscribed by “Bill Buckley” (“W” hashed over).  $250


Life of Washington by John Marshall.  5 Volumes, all 1st editions.  Vols 1-3 1804; Vol. 4 1805; Vol. 5 1807. 

Philadelphia, Wayne.  Portrait frontispiece Volume 1.  The 1st US edition published the maps in a separate Atlas.  

The Atlas is not included in this set.        $1,500


 Commentarii linguae Graecae, Gulielmo Budaeo, consiliario Regio, supplicúmque libelloru[m] in Regia magistro, auctore. 

Ab eodem accuratè recogniti, atque amplius tertia parte aucti.  Guillaime Bude; Estienne, Paris, 1548.

First Robert Estienne edition of this important work by the most influential of the French humanist scholars of the early 

16th century. The book was instrumental in spreading the study of Greek throughout France. The first edition was originally 

published in 1529, but this definitive edition is enlarged by more than one-third from notes left by Guillaume Budé, 

one of the greatest Renaissance contributors to the study of Greek antiquity. Indeed, Budé's "Commentarii" formed the basis 

for the study of the Greek language in France and served as the basis of Henri Estienne's "Thesaurus Graecae linguae" 

(Schreiber). Provenance:  Bookplate of Panshanger, the estate of the Earls of Cowper.  Emily Lamb married the 4th Earl of Cowper 

in 1805.  Her bother was William Lamb, whose signature and the date October 1807 appear on Title Page.  William Lamb 

later became the 2nd Viscount Melbourne, favorite Prime Minister of Queen Victoria. 

Folio Original bind-stamped vellum, with two clasps.  $3,500.00


Henry Care; English Liberties: Or, The Free-Born Subject's Inheritance, Containing I. Magna Charta. . .

the Habeas Corpus Act; and several other Statutes, with comments upon each of them 

 London, Printed by Eliz. Nutt  . . .For Arthur Bettesworth, 4th edition, 1719.  $4,000


De Republica Hebraeorum, Libri III, Editio Novissima; Cunaeus; Amsterdam, Waesbergen & Weyerstraet, 1666.  

16mo., contemporary vellum, engraved title page.  $495.


Euclid, Sex Primi Elementorum Geometricorum Libri, George Fournier.  
Cantabridgiensis, 1654. Fournier was a French Jesuit Priest, geographer and mathematician, 
and teacher of Rene Descartes.  Beautifully rebound.	$1,250.


1st Printing of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.  Stated 1st printing, random House,1957.  

Green cloth.  No dust jacket.  $200.00  SOLD


Churchill:  London to Ladysmith via Pretoria, Longmans, Green, 1900.  

1st US edition printed the same year as the UK edition.  All maps present.  $125.  SOLD



Churchill:  Ian Hamilton's March, Longmans, Green, 1900.  

1st US edition printed the same year as the UK edition.  All maps present.  $175.



Churchill:  Malakand Field Force 1897, Longmans, Green, 1898.  

1st edition, 1st printing, without errata insert and advertisements dated 12/97.  

All maps present. $3,500.SOLD



Summa Theologica: In qua Ecclesiæ Catholicæ Doctrina Universa. Saint Thomas Aquinas. 

Douai 1614.  $1,250. SOLD



Cyrianus Anglicus:  History of the Life and Death of William, Archbishop of Canterbury; 

by P. Heylen; London, A Seile; 1668; beautifully rebound.  $850.00



New stock of 1940s and 1950s Crime Club, Inner Sanctum and Harper Novels of Suspense 

many firsts and all with dust jackets - We still have some but they are going fast!!!



Livy's Historiarum Quod Extat, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1678. 

Second issue of this title with "quod extat" and s.p.q.r. on the shield. W1548; Copinger 2875. Fine binding (ca. 1800).  (Bookplate of T. Douglas Murray, possibly the editor of Jeanne d'Arc, Maid of Orleans, deliverer of France: Being the Story of her Life, her Achievements, and her: Death, as attested on Oath and Set forth in the Original, and author of Sir Samuel Baker; a memoir).  $600.

Nouveau Voyage dans l Amerique Septentrionale en l'Annee 1781 Et Campagne de l'Armee de M. Le Comte 

de Rochambeau; L'Abbe Charles Cesar Robin; Philadelphia and Paris (printed in Paris), Moutard, 1782. First edition; Abbe Robin was a chaplain with Rochambeau's army. This is his account of the pivotal southern campaigns of Rochambeau and Washington, who had joined forces in June to march on Yorktown and then Chesapeake Bay. $500.


McCarthy and His Enemies, by William F. Buckley, Jr., and L. Brent Bozell, Regnery,1954.

First edition with dust jacket, inscribed by "Bill Buckley"("W" hashed over). $250.

The Life and Times of John Calvin, Paul Henry (translated from German by Henry Stebbing), 

Carter, 1854. Second edition, two volumes in one. $100.   



L'Esprit Des Lois, Ou Du Rapport Que Les Loix Doivent Avoir Avec La Constitution 

De Chaque Gouvernement, Les Moeurs, Le Climat, La Religion, Le Commerce, & C. , 

a Quoi D'Auteu a Ajoutee Des Recherches Nouvelles. Montesquieu, Charles De Secondat, 

Baron De 1689-1755.  Barrillot et Fils, Geneve, 1749.  Two volumes bound in one, 

with two title pages both dated 1749.  Foldout map present behind table of contents of Volume 2. $3,500.  The author is not identified in the early printings.  Bookplate of Hugh Percy.  $3,500.


Absalom and Achitophel. A poem. The seventh edition; augmented and revised.  

John Dryden; London, Tonson, 1692. Trimmed down from quarto.  $500.


Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis. Translated into English Verse by Mr. Dryden, and several other Eminent Hands. Together with the Satires of Aulus Persius Flaccus. Made English by Mr. Dryden. To Which Is Prefixid a Discourse Concerning the Original and Progress of Satire by Mr. Dryden.
London, Tonson, 1697, early issue (first edition 1693, fourth edition 1711).  
17 plates, including frontispiece, all present.  $450.

Livy, Historiarum, in six volumes, Clarendon, 1813. Full leather, contemporary binding, 
text in four volumes, volume five containing extensive index plus another work, 
De Gentibus et Familiis Romanorum of Richard Streinnio (separately paginated and 
first published in 1571), and volume six being a glossary.  $400.

Hesiod, his works, published by Franz Hacke in 1657, the same year as the Elzevir edition, 

with a vocabulary, extensive notes by Lambert Barla, and a similar title page; 

bound in contemporary vellum. $500



Miscellaneous Pieces of M. de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu, first and only English edition, 

Wilson and Durham, 1759, contemporary full leather, includes his A Defence of the Spirit of Laws.




The Odyssey, 1655 quarto edition by Elzevir, notes by Didymus, with Batrachomyomachia, 

Hymns, and Homeric index. Full leather, rebacked. Ex-library. $500.



A Compleat System of Husbandry and Gardening; Or The Gentleman's Companion In The Business

and Pleasures Of A Country Life. Shewing. 1. The several New and mostt Advantagious Ways of 

Tilling Planting Sowing Manuring Improving Gardens Orchards Woods and Coppices. 

I. The Husbandman's Monthly Directions. III. The Interpretation of Rustick Terms with an 

Account of the Several Instruments and Engines Used in the Profession. By John Worlidge. 

London, Pickard, Fifth edition, 1716, with one folding plate. $1,500.


The Life of Richard Nash, Esq., London, 1762, the important 2nd edition.  
Notable is the signature "Goldsmith" placed on the Dedication page underneath its closing 
"The EDITOR."  There is interest in Goldsmith's writing of this book, and he is considered 
its "anonymous editor."  Significantly, the editor's Dedication page is not included in the 
1st edition.  Goldsmith's attribution to Mr. George Scott as the source of more information 
that is found in this 2nd edition is seen in the Advertisement on the verso of the Dedication page.
If the signature is Goldsmith's, it would appear to be a further acknowledgement of the 
importance of Mr. Scott's personal contribution to the work, although to whom Goldsmith 
presented this volume is unknown.  Both circumstance and similarity of the signature lead us to
 the opinion that the signature is indeed that of Oliver Goldsmith, and, while we offer no 
definitive support for this opinion, the price reflects our opinion.  $3,000
Yn Vible Casherick, Ny Yn Chenn Chonaant, as Yn Conaant Noa: Veih Ny Chied Ghlaraghyn; 
Dy Kiaralagh Chyndait Ayns Gailck; Ta Shen Dy Ghra, Chengey Ny Mayrey Ellan Vannin
MANX BIBLE (Isle Of Man).  Printed By George Eyre And Andrew Strahan For The British And 
Foreign Bible Society, London, 1819.	$450

Vindication of the Rights of Women on Political and Moral Subjects; Mary Wollstonecraft; 
Philadelphia, Carey, 1794.  This is the 1st Carey edition (page 265 mis-numbered as 256), 
published 4 years after the British edition and 2 years after the first American edition.  
Front board missing; Dedication and Introduction and Contents page (in rear), all present.  
Box made of archival linen, paper and board.	$1,000

The History of British India. James Mill. London, Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1826.  
6 volumes complete with the two large fold-our colored maps.  Original publisher's boards, 
deckled edges, pages uncut.  $650.

Les Pseaumes de David, mis en rime Françoise par Clément Marot, et Théodore de Beze.
Les Notes de la Musique y sont ajustees a chaque mot de Pseaumes pour en faciliter le chant.
Leyden, 1665.  $350

Chaldeae, Sev Aethiopicae Lingu Ae Institutiones. Rome, Typis Sac. 
Congregationis de Propaganda Fide, 1630. 8vo. (8), 86 pp., final blank. 
Contemp. vellum. Second edition of Victorius's introduction to the Ethiopian language, 
first published in 1552. This is the first printing with the newly designed and cut. 
Library stamp of Jose Benavides.	$2,500

The history of the life and sufferings of the Reverend and learned John Wicliffe, D. D. 
Warden of Canterbury Hall, and Publick Professor of Divinity in Oxford; and Rector o
f Lutterworth in Leicestershire, in the Reigns of K. Edward III. and K. Richard II. 
Together with a collection of papers relating to the said history, never before printed. 
By John Lewis, A. M. Minister of Meregate. London, Robert Knaplock, 
and Richard Wilkin,1720.  1st edition. 	$650
A Tale of a Tub Written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind To Which is Added 
an Account of a Battel Between the Ancient and Modern Books in St James's Library.  
Jonathan Swift; London, John Nutt, 1710.  5th edition with 8 plates.  
An illustrated edition of this satire. With a frontispiece and seven plates. '
A Full and True Account of the Battel' has a separate title page. $750
Free Thoughts on Religion, the Church, and National Happiness. 
Bernard Mandeville.  London, Jauncy and Roberts, 1720. First edition, variant state with 
page xix mis-numbered ixx, without known priority. $1,250.  SOLD
A Dissertation on Miracles Containing An Examination of the Principles Advanced 
by David Hume, Esq., In an Essay on Miracles.  George Campbell.  Edinburgh; 
A. Kincaid & J. Bell, 1766.  $300	

Correspondence and Conversations  Alexis de Tocqueville with Nassau William Senior 
from 1834-1859.  London, King, 1872. $275.

The Prince of Abissinia. A Tale. The Fourth Edition. Samuel Johnson; London, 
W. Strahan W. Johnston and J. Dodsley, 1766.  Signature of former owner G.W. Salmon.
Provost of Trinity College, Dublin.  	$300

Pensees Philosophiques. Denis Diderot, Amsterdam  1772.  $500
Works of the Late Doctor Benjamin Franklin Consisting of His Life as Written by Himself 
together with Essays, Humorous, Moral & Literary in the Manner of The Spectator. 
London, Robinson. Two volumes in one with both title pages.  3rd edition ca. 1794.  $1,500.									$1,500
Im Westen Nichts Neues	(All Quiet on the Western Front). Eric Maria Remarque.  
Berlin, 1929.  1st edition.	$300

An essay on the history of civil society. The fourth edition revised and corrected. 
Adam Ferguson.  London, T. Cadell, 1773.  Presented by David Murray, Esquire, 
Scottish Painter.  $400
An Essay on the Principle of Population; or, a view of its past and present effects 
on human happiness; with an inquiry into our prospects respecting the 
future removal or mitigation of the evils which it occasions. Thomas Malthus. 
London, J. Johnson, 1807, 4th edition.  Two volumes both with half-titles and title pages.  
From the Library of Lewis Thorpe (1913-1977) British philologist and translator.	
Top board volume one, detached.  	$750
ONE OF US:  A Novel in Verse; Gilbert Frankau; London, Chatto & Windus, 1917.  
No. 36 of a limited edition of 110 copies signed by both the author and the artist (Fish). $150.									$150.00.

The Piazza Tales (contains the first book appearances of several stories,
including two of Melville's most famous ones, Bartleby and Benito Cereno); 
Herman Melville; , Dix & Edwards, 1856.  1st edition, 1st printing with publisher's 
catalog inserted in rear. 	$1,500.00.  

The Political House That Jack Built, 20th ed., 1819 (13 cuts);
The Real or Constitutional House That Jack Built, 5th ed., 1819, (12 cuts);
The Dorchester Guide of a House That Jack Built, 2nd ed. [n.d.] (13 cuts);
The Man in the Moon, 10th ed., 1820 (15 cuts;)
All illustrations by Cruikshank.  $375.00.

Letter from the Author of the Argument against a Standing Army to the Author 
of the Balancing Letter.  John Trenchard.  London, 1697.  Written in answer to a pamphlet 
by Lord John Somers.  A Brief Reply to the History of Standing Armies in England, with some accounts 
of the Authors.  Daniel DeFoe. 2nd edition, London, 1698.  Written by Defoe in response to Trenchard's arguments against standing armies.
Both titles sold together.   $1,500.	SOLD

Real Life in Ireland or, the Day and Night Scenes.  Brian Boru, Esq. "and his elegant friend" 
Sir Shawn O'Dogherty.  London, Jones, 1829.  All 19 hand-colored plates present. $400

The Select Works of Jonathan Swift. London, McLean, 1826.  5 volumes. $400

The Progress of the Development of the Law of Storms and of the Variable Winds 
with the Practical Application to the Subject of Navigation.  
Lieut.-Colonel William Reid, C.B., F.R.S.  London, Weale, 1849.  
Inscribed by the author to Robert C. Winthrop, Congressman from Connecticut. $300.





1. Euripides Tragedies - 3 volumes (1889-1892), all in Greek with Latin commentary; newly bound in standard library cloth - $125 

2. Horace, opera omnia - this is #58 of a thousand copies printed by the Medici Society, 1910, full leather, top edge gilt; all Latin - $125 

3. Aelian, varia historia - 2 volumes, half leather, rebacked, 1780, Greek with extensive Latin notes (the Greek is the nice old-style font) and a number of small engravings - $200 

4. Longinus on the Sublime - a 1907 Cambridge Univ. printing in Greek of the famous book on rhetoric with scholarly notes in English, cloth binding, many pages uncut - $95 

5. Aristophanes comedies - 2 volumes (4 volumes in 2), 1810, Oxford Univ. edition, rebacked with original backstrips retained, Greek with Latin notes - $145 

6. Demosthenes - 2 volumes, 3/4 leather, 1859/1868, Greek with notes in English (some underlining and marginal notes), given as a school prize - $100

7. Herodotus - 2 volumes, new cloth but published by Oxford Univ. in 1810, Greek with notes in Latin - $125.

   Harriet Beecher Stowe; A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin; Jewett, 1853.  Soft cover.  $295.  





The Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians.  Sir Gardner Wilkinson, London, John Murray.  Six volume set.  The first three volumes are "Their Private Life, Government, Laws, Arts, Manufactures, Religion and Early History."  Published in 1842, the Second edition.  All 17 plates (some in color) are present.  The second three volumes are entitled "Their Religion, Agriculture & etc."  Published in 1841.  There are two volumes of text and one of plates along with an index.  The plates are numbered sequentially from the first set and start at number 18 and end at number 88.  All plates, including some in color and foldout plates, are present.  3/4 leather over marbled boards, with marbled endpapers and top edges gilt.  Contact us for additional details on condition and for more photographs.  $1,500.00